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description of fees and services

  1. Addiction Care 101 (A101) offers software that facilitates providers to perform. Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) of people with prescription opioid and heroin use disorders.

  2. A101 software focuses on physician risk management and DEA compliance.

  3. A101 software incorporates a medically proven treatment plan designed by addiction care specialists.

  4. Customer agrees to use the A101 application as designed to assure state and federal compliance for prescribing controlled substances.

  5. A101 software monitors member regulatory compliance through integration with licensed therapists, pharmacists, and laboratory vendors.

  6. A101 practices public awareness for members, screens their needs and directs them, based on geographic proximity, to a certified physician.

  7. Customer agrees to maintain required licenses such as DEA, X-number, and a State Medical License in which they practice.

  8. A101 will be responsible for A101’s integration costs associated with Lab or Pharmacy of the physician’s preference. Further, A101 agrees to use any lab or pharmacy the customer requests as long as the lab or pharmacy agrees to integrate with A101 and follow A101’s pre-defined procedures.

  9. A101 will enter and search the state’s controlled substance database for issues related to member noncompliance.

  10. A101 agrees to recruit state Licensed drug addiction counselors to provide care to customers’ patients.

  11. Customer agrees to make a medical facility available for a minimum of 10 hours per week to collect urine specimens from the patient and serve as a prescription procurement and drop-off location for patient’s medication.

  12. Customer agrees that the personnel provided to their facility, by A101, is only to be used for A101 functions such as A101 member management such as lab collection.

  13. Customer agrees to perform initial patient assessment at a medical facility within 48 days of being assigned an A101 member.

  14. Customer agrees to see the patient at the time of e-prescribing controlled substances to A101 members.

  15. Customer agrees to maintain professional liability coverage (1M/3M) naming A101 as additional insured.


A101 will charge the patient on behalf of the physician a fee of $100 per month. A101 will reconcile the physician's account each month with payment by the 5th of the following month. The patient will be responsible for paying all A101 Platform fees on behalf of the physician.


EHR & patient charting


Patient Scheduling


Billing & Collection Service

Integration with Lab

State Pharmacy Database updates & searches

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